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Nahum 3:9 - "Ethiopia and Egypt were her strength, and it was infinite; Put and Lubim were thy helpers."

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CMS Websites

CMS is definitely the buz-word these days when it comes to websites but what exactly is it. In short it stands for Content Managed System. This in plain speak means that you are able to perform fairly complex editing of your website. If you are more technically able then you will be able to even manage your website yourself once it is completed.

joomlaThe platform we use is called Joomla! This is the phonetic spelling of a Swahili word meaning "all together" or "as a whole". It was chosen to reflect the approach of the developers in that the framework would be developed and maintained by many people from around the world.

Joomla is what is called Open Source which means the code is available to all and can be improved by all. It is also free. This means that anyone can download Joomla for free and use it but there is a fairly steep learning curve of how to use it. We have been working with Joomla for a number of years and are constantly updating our knowledge of the systems so that we can offer the very best and latest. Currently 3% of all websites on the internet are build using Joomla. This might not look very significant but considering the hundreds, if not thousands of technologies available, this is a huge amount.

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