We build websites the way you
want them

We Build Websites the way you want them built

We believe that every business ought to have a web/internet presence in the modern day. More and more people are turning to the internet when they look for products or information. This means that only those businesses which have websites will be found.

Building websites is our passion and we would love to build your site and have you visible on the internet in the shortest possible time.Please look around and see what we have to offer.

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About Bartwebsites
Cape Town, South Africa

Bartwebsites is a dynamic young Cape Town based company that has been on the website scene since 2007. Already more than 70 websites have been built with which our customers are very satisfied. Because we are service focused we will ensure that your information is on the web in the shortest time possible.

We are directing much of our web building attention to the Content Management System technologies using Joomla. This gives our clients a very easy yet powerful means to update their sites themselves. We are always available should there be technical problems but our clients are really enjoying being able to make changes themselves.

One of the more exciting option we give our clients is being able to build emails on their website and mass email their database via their site and then also have that email to view from the site. This is fully integrated into their site so that the maintaining of the client base is automatic.

Another great benefit of using Joomla is that adding additional features to your website become much easier than on a traditional static website. To change the look and feel of a Joomla site is also much easier than it would be on a static website.

We have also done many website make-overs where our clients have become dissatisfied with their website which was built many years ago.

You are also encouraged to browse through our  Portfolio page to see some of our work.


I am available most of the time. Please feel free to contact me with any website-related queries you may have.You can contact me on: