Advantages of having a website... or even a few websites

Consumers search for products and services online before making purchases. Being found on the Internet will give you an advantage over your competition when they call you first instead of the competition. Your own website gives you exactly this type of exposure.

This is the Information Age and a website is one of the simplest and most effective ways that we transfer information about our organization. This is a great way for Service businesses, Churches and Schools to make themselves visible to their target market, congregation and parents/learners respectively. This can range from simple information to a very wide range of possibilities. Speak to us and we will try our very best to make your dreams visible on the internet with your very own website.

Convenient Business
You are able to conduct business when it is convenient for your client whether it be during the day or in the middle of the night. You are never actually closed since your website is always online. Consumers can obtain information about your business and get answers to many of their frequently asked questions. This will help to cut back on the number of phone calls you receive with simple inquiries, such as directions to your premises, terms and conditions, etc. Your website can contain all the information your customers need.

Your website can provide further support to existing customers by offering information such as troubleshooting procedures, product specification, how-to procedures, diagrams, etc. By having this help available 24 hours a day you will be able to decrease the number of customer service employees you have on staff. If you have mailing lists we can integrate your newsletter and its submission into your website (if a Joomla Content Managed Site). The email is available on your website for archival purposes if needed.

There is potential for your website to become a resource of information for the public. By supplying helpful tips and articles that are relevant to your industry you will have a number of repeat visitors. This will help establish you as an expert in your field and will also increase your Google ranking.

Consumers have more confidence in and prefer doing business with companies that they know something about. You can inform visitors about the structure of your company, of your community involvement, the products and services you offer, awards and employment opportunities. People first look for a website to find out something about a company before they do business with them.  Contact Bartwebsites today to order your very own website!